Biggest Threat Yet to the American Dream

koch brothers(Community Matters) Biggest threat yet to the American dream isn’t communism, fascism or Putin expanding Russian territory – it’s the adoption of electoral best grass roots practices by the Koch brothers. They reflect, the worst practices of self-dealing, no hesitancy to completely fabricate information which serves their interests and to exploit real fears of Americans.

Politico’s Playbook: ON THE SECOND EPISODE OF “OPEN MIKE,” we interview Tim Phillips (@TimPhillipsAFP), president of Americans for Prosperity, the Koch-funded group that is by far the biggest outside spender this cycle -$30 million in ads so far, 90 percent of that on TV. AFP’s biggest ground force is in Florida, where 25+ staffers made the group the biggest outside player in last week’s House election. Tim describes a new approach the group took for door-to-door visits in Florida, defends the Koch brothers, admits his pitch to donors now includes Harry Reid’s Koch attacks, and details his Dairy Queen obsession. 3-min. video

–NYT A1, “Koch Group, Spending Freely, Hones Attack on Government,” by Carl Hulse and Ashley Parker: AFP is “spending up to 10 times as much as any major outside Democratic group so far.”

–AdAge, “GOP: ‘Honey Badger’ Data Fueled Absentee Surge in Florida Special Election,” by Kate Kaye : The NRCC “data team evaluated all voters, … whether or not they had already requested an absentee ballot. Based on … party affiliation, age, voting history and previous methods of voting, they developed analytical models to determine which voters had a high probability of returning their absentee ballots. … The … ‘Honey Badger’ database is named after a notoriously ruthless, skunk-like carnivore with its very own internet meme. … Expect the data approach … to hit states where early voting and absentee balloting is especially important, such as Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico.”

reminds me of a conversation the other day. I was bemoaning my discovery that an equally strident, calls-himself-libertarian but really a me-a-tarian, had lied to me for so long. Our mutual friend just laughed at my naivete for not having realized this all that time.

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