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Occupied Territories

West_Bank_&_Gaza_Map_2007_(Settlements)(Community Matters) It boggles the mind that extremists are screaming with indignation because an elected official called the West Bank occupied territories. So now, there’s a coordinated effort to rewrite the truth?

HuffPost – Appears as if in the GOP primary, they really have learned to bow and bend to Sheldon Adelson. 

Austin’s Entrepreneurs

(Community Matters) The Kauffman report documents what we see every day – Austin has one of the highest per capita populations of entrepreneurs in the country – and the fastest growing.

For every 10,000 workers in the local labor force, the Austin area had 64.6 U.S.-born tech entrepreneurs, topping the likes of Denver, Seattle and Silicon Valley. And from 2000 to 2011, that figure grew more in Austin (+12.7) than any other metro except Seattle (+13.1). None of the other regions posted double-digit increases.

Foreign-born immigrants are measurably underrepresented as a percentage of the entrepreneurial population. And, while Hispanic entrepreneurs comprise the largest segment of foreign-born entrepreneurs, for some reason, our numbers didn’t grown between 2001 and 2011 while the average for Austin increased 12.7%.

Hat Tip: AAS