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2 in 5 Gay Men Serosort

(Community Matters) Two in Five Gay Men ‘Serosort’ in an Attempt to Prevent HIV

Brett & Maria

(Community Matters) Treat arriving home to Brett & Maria as house guests. Steven and I are looking forward to their June 7 wedding.




Marcus Borg’s “Jesus”

borg_jesus(Community Matters) The gospels as metaphors of how to live your life, Jesus as a teacher of how to live a moral life, or biblical literalism? Haven’t gotten as far as planned in the book but did jot these notes (most quotes)
4 ways we see Jesus
1) The Dying Savior: Jesus Died for Our Sins
2) Jesus as the Divine Human: God in Human Form
3) The Apocalyptic Jesus: The End is Near
4) Jesus as Teacher: Guidance for a Moral Life

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I Read Brandon Ambrosino Differently

Eugene 0314 1200 res(Community Matters) I asked one of our best friends (probably the most well read – certainly the most accomplished editor) what he thought of Brandon Ambrosino and his appointment to a fellowship for Ezra Klein’s Kip Keller’s response here and in the immediately below blog post. 

My follow up response:

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Kip Keller on Brandon Ambrosino

kip keller(Community Matters) I asked Kip for his comments on my Brandon Ambrosino posting. As expected, he does have a heart- felt opinion:

Kip commented on Brandon Ambrosino(Community Matters) I welcome disparate voices in conversations on homosexuality and our equality. And, I certainly trust Ezra …

Since you asked.

I could barely recall where I’d heard Ambrosino’s name, but knew that it was probably on JMG. Indeed, back in January he posted an item about Ambrosino’s vile article “I Wasn’t Born This Way,” which ran in the “New Republic”:

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Putin on the Couch

putin(Community Matters) Egomaniac explains a lot. As they say power corrupts . . . and Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin has been the ruler of Russia for 14 yearsPolitico asked more than a dozen Putin experts to share their insights & analysis:

He responds to Western threats of sanctions by threatening to confiscate Western assets in Russia.

He has made a bet that the members of the British ruling class are merely valets to Arab and Russian oligarchs—estate agents, investment bankers, lawyers, management consultants, art dealers—who now live primarily off the presence of foreign oligarchs. . . . It could be otherwise. Iran-style banking sanctions imposed by London—the hub of the Russian fortune—could stop the Kremlin annexing Crimea by punishing the oligarchs and making them pull Putin back from his adventurism. Washington should fret: London and the lesser European states are now dragging their feet. Cameron is only contemplating cosmetic mini-sanctions, not big banking hits. He is weak, but what else could the leader of the ruling Conservative Party—forever the Rottweiler of the City of London—even propose?

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Brandon Ambrosino

Brandon Ambrosino(Community Matters) I welcome disparate voices in conversations on homosexuality and our equality. And, I certainly trust Ezra Klein to be a judicious editor. Brandon Ambrosino shows real promise as a thinker and writer, and his writings have been misreported. He feels a little Jonathan Swift to me actually, maybe with a little Brothers Grimm’s witch.

We haven’t won progress over the years by tightening our circles but by expanding them and hosting real conversations – and yes, by protests & demands too. In Towelroad – Anger Grows at Ezra Klein For Hiring Gay Writer Who Fuels the Animus of Anti-Gay Conservatives. 

I’m eager for Kip’s take on this.

I should blog again

(Community Matters) I know I should. But, I’m away – spending a beautiful week in London. I’m listening more than talking this week.

I’m also thinking about what I want to write.

I’ll write about Super Powers (we all have them; we just don’t all use or further develop them).

And, I’ll write about profiles – how sometimes we need one, other times we should avoid them. It’s iterative.

Alpha, betas and seconds – another topic top of mind for some time.

Steve Adler; an upcoming CEO Summit; our Youth Entrepreneurship Movement; building a house in Marfa; spending quality time with my husband during a busy year; our parents, nieces & nephews, god children and other friends (young, peers and older) we love a lot too.

Reinventing American Health Care, by Ezekiel J. Emanuel, M.D

ezejuek(Community Matters) Politico Playbook: “Reinventing American Health Care: How the Affordable Care Act Will Improve our Terribly Complex, Blatantly Unjust, Outrageously Expensive, Grossly Inefficient, Error Prone System,” by Ezekiel J. Emanuel, M.D ., chair of medical ethics and health policy at UPenn; White House special adviser on health reform from ’09 to ’11; son of a pediatrician; older brother to Rahm and Ari (published this week by PublicAffairs): “In the short term the ACA has been a political disaster for President Obama and the Democrats. … And it has left the Obama administration in a perpetually defensive stance, depleted of the political capital needed to achieve progress in other important policy areas such as immigration and the federal budget. …

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Apple vs Climate Deniers

tim cook(Community Matters) Love this Daily Kos posting about Tim Cook standing up to climate deniers. Proud that the CEO of the world’s most valuable corporation is openly gay and models such integrity. 

Travis County Elections

(Community Matters) Congratulations to Sarah Eckhardt and all her supporters, of which I’m now one. Congrats to my dear friend, Brigid Shea, Travis County’s newest commissioner.

Thank you to all the candidates who ran & their teams who together work so damn hard to serve the public.

I’m a huge Andy Brown fan and hope he’ll continue to serve the public. Travis County is a better place for all he’s done over the last 10+ years – thank you Andy. (heck, it’s probably 15 or 20).

Austin Chronicle Shames Sarah Eckhardt for Karl Rove-ish Ethics

(Community Matters) I started out this campaign enthusiastic for Andy Brown and always acknowledging that I thought Sarah Eckhardt was a good person and had served Travis County honorably. I didn’t support her because she can’t garner 3 votes on the commissioners court as a commissioner, and that certainly doesn’t recommend her as County Judge. But, I was wrong about the honorable part. Teamed with Brian Rodgers and Linda Curtis, she’s been releasing outright lies and misinformation as if Karl Rove was running her campaign and honesty & ethics didn’t matter. The Austin Chronicle finally called her out citing the damning evidence of a voice message.