Busting Glass Ceilings

glass ceilings(Community Matters)  I’m periodically asked about insights into corporate culture. I’ve long attributed any special insights and practices to the fact that almost all my direct bosses through my 20s were women. I see this as a very good thing.

Politico: WASHINGTON, INC. – WashPost A1, “In trying times, defense companies turning to women,” by Marjorie Censer and Jim Tankersley : “General Dynamics, BAE Systems and Lockheed Martin have defied a long history of male-dominated culture and appointed female chief executives. …. All three executives must reshape their firms to deal with military procurement cuts, including those recently triggered by the sequester. In her first two months at the helm of General Dynamics,

… Phebe Novakovic declared that the company had lost its way, halted a years-long string of new acquisitions and eliminated executive positions. ‘I think it’s a chance for all of us . . . to make an imprint on an industry,’ said Linda Hudson, the chief executive of the American branch of BAE, who became the first woman to lead a top U.S. defense company when she assumed the job in 2009. She and her counterparts – including Marillyn A. Hewson at Lockheed – must prove themselves in companies that remain far more male-dominated than the economy as a whole.” http://wapo.st/X2oR2m

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