Nationalism – Greek Soccer Player

(Community Matters) Sorry, I don’t buy that this man doesn’t know what he’s doing. Something about his ink prompts me to believe otherwise.

Giorgos Katidis

CPAC Scott Terry. . . . same with this CPAC attendee who questioned what slave owners had to apologize for, suggesting slavery was “feeding and housing” blacks. Similarly . . . . comments promoting the separation of races and how Republican women shouldn’t correct men in public. Nationalism is alive and well and scary.

I don’t mean to cast a wide net over all Republicans. It’s a fringe. Unfortunately, a fringe Republican candidates must appeal to in order to win Republican primaries.

After watching very closely since 2007, I fear the fringe is nearly 25% of American voters. And, as I’ve written, it’s about power and cultural dominance . . . . within the context that no group would give up 220+ years of power and cultural dominance without a fight. I worry that the fight could be physical.

update: reading the soccer player has now been banned

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