Mark Gibbs, RIP 1961 – 2013

mark gibbs(Community Matters) A life long dear friend, Mark Gibbs (a best friend gowing up) died in a scuba diving accident over the weekend. I can’t really remember meeting Mark. The son of my parents’ close friends while we were growing up and someone who moved to my elementary school, we hadn’t talked in person for a couple of years but had been in touch over Facebook. Devastating. So much history and such a great guy. Spoke with Mark’s mom last night. His dad and brother are in Costa Mesa making arrangements. I’m flying out tomorrow for the funeral – 10:00am Saturday at Rock Harbor Church located at 345 Fischer Ave. Costa Mesa. There will be a memorial service in Houston on 5/11 at 3pm at Langwood Baptist Church.

Mark was irrationally scared of spiders – still makes me laugh. Especially hard on him since we grew up spending so many weekends camping and “roughing it” at my parent’s “ranch.” A strikingly good looking guy, Mark’s dad is English and Mark was one of the only kids we knew growing up who was such a soccer enthusiast. Late in middle school and in high school, he became a surfer dude. He and Buttons would cut school if they heard the waves were up in Galveston (or if they heard the Ds were H-ed). So of course, after mastering the horrible Texas gulf waves, CA surfing was relatively easy. I don’t remember when Mark became religious, but he turned out to be a great youth minister. The last time we spent any significant alone time together  was in our early 30s, skiing in Bear Mountain. I remember listening to his stories about reaching out to beach youth and engaging them in his church. It made him happy and fulfilled. He was married to JoLynn and has a 20 year old daughter, Makenna.

LA Times story

3 responses to “Mark Gibbs, RIP 1961 – 2013

  1. bridget Lewis

    Great story Eugene… So sorry you had to find out through facebook. I was in such disbelief when I received call from Jay Menchaca…Mark was a great guy and friend….

  2. He was a great friend and truly dynamic. A good leader and well respected. Heaven has another Angel, RIP Mark

  3. Teresa chance

    Knew him in high school, he was always so nice and never a mean thing to say, to anyone. Looks like he grew to be an awesome man and father. I remember he loved the water so much…friends and family take comfort that others still think of him from back in the day,, he had that kind of aura. Prayers….

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