Love In Action

manos-logo(Community Matters) Love in Action . . . might just be the antidote for the overwhelmingness of this week. What a beautiful tagline for an important social services organization, Manos de Cristo. Steven’s agreed to create a monologue or vignettes and perform at their luncheon on 5/29 at the Four Seasons. We’re inviting friends to purchase a table and invite their friends.

grin-and-share-it-header-logo copyFor over 25 years with a solid base of support from Central Texas Presbyterian churches, they currently serve over 16,000 low-income local families annually, offering low cost dental services, language and computer literacy classes, and food and clothing to help people get back on their feet. Over 2,000 kids came “shopping” for back to school clothes earlier this year. While I was there yesterday, in their lobby touring with Sandi Tomlinson, Kerry Tate and Marie & Julie from Manos, I saw an older woman sitting, waiting for help, then something moved behind Sandi’s back. I moved a bit and spotted a young boy sitting next to this woman, probably his grandmother.

He was maybe 4 or 5 years old and was staring at us. You could tell he was listening and understood; he even shyly returned my wave. Déjà vu – flashbacks of me with my aunt and grandmother waiting at a center for some type of help. I can attest to the importance of these safety net services.

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