East Austin College Prep & Southwest Keys

swkeys(Community Matters) a note I received this morning (I have not yet had time to confirm accuracy):

Good morning Eugene

As a disappointed parent from East Austin College Prep, I began looking for review online about our community charter school.  I didn’t find much, what I did find was a blog written in 2009 which states exactly how we feel. “Something doesn’t feel right here.”  

Many parent, including myself were under the impression  that EACPrep was been managed by Southwest Key. According the attached charter application, EACPrep does not have a management company instead  the East Austin Academia Inc. was organized to handle all of its development, financial, operations, and management issues.  Surprisingly come to find out all the current member on the East Austin Academia Inc. either work for  or are affiliated with Southwest Key.

The was a board meeting scheduled last Thursday , which got cancelled last minute.  It is rescheduled for this Tuesday with a new agenda.  The board is appointing a new member,  Alexia Rodriguez the Vice President for Southwest key  Immigrant Youth Services/Legal Counsel.    They are also appointing a CEO/Superintendent for the Elementary School we already have a wonderful , respected superintendent.  I don’t understand how the Board has cut the budget and decreased there teacher staff by at least two teacher but is willing to approve an additional superintendent  position .  Neither the elementary nor high school has assistant principal, nor a full time counselor which are listed on the organizational  chart of on its charter application.  We also don’t have a much needed nurse, a cafeteria, nor actual gym.  It would be interesting to see who they appoint.

The Board has approved various adjustment to the budget which benefits Southwest Key.  As mentioned in your blog,  EACPrep pays rent to Southwest Key  as well as  custodial, accounting,  human resources, and food services.  They are increasing their enrollment, when they really don’t have space.  They are focused on the enrollment numbers, because the more students the more money for Southwest Key.

Oh I forgot to mention legal services, yes the attorney for Southwest Key is also the attorney for the board and school.  I wonder whose interest is considered when contracted are negotiated.

Sorry to say but you were right.  Southwest Key is using the education dreams and hopes of East Austin community  as an opportunity to profit.

I hope you follow up, and see for yourself you were not wrong.


(Name redacted at request of author)

3 responses to “East Austin College Prep & Southwest Keys

  1. Thank you for this post because it is all the TRUTH about Southwest keys. Nothing against the school or school adminstration or Dr. G who is a WONDERFUL man. but, southwest key and Dr. Juan Sanchez are trying to rob MY CHILDs school of its income. they also want to run it despite having NO legal relationships and reap the benefits of its grants. The children promise grant must be investigated. This multi MILLION dollar grant was awarded to the eacpa, NOT the southwest keys. But sw keys houses ALL the grant personel on their building and these grant personel will tell you to your face that their superviser is Jennifer Nelson, sanchez’s WIFE. Nelson is NOT a school employee!! This grant should be helping OUR students at the school who desperately need more services. Instead the southwest keys has stolen this grant to create the appearance that its money and its services are southwest keys. This is not true. This belongs to the SCHOOL. Who do these people think they are?? Charging the school rent but making it pay all costs for the buildings. Making the school use its services instead of open bidding. Making the school pay it rent and leting it pay the mortgage for these building so that the southwest keys can own multi million dollar buildings in a few years paid for by our children’s education money. While the school will perpetually have to always pay rent and never owning its own buildings! This is a sham. Shame on southwest keys for moving the school board meeting three times and having the meeting during the day on friday so that the COMMUNITY cannot have its VOICE heard.

  2. Thank you for your posts, very enlightening. As I researched Southwest Key last night, I noticed in several of Southwest Keys online new letters they refer to EACPA as OUR school. Also what was very interesting was other local news articles state that Southwest Key Program is a nonprofit that RUNS the East Austin College Prep Academy. According to TEA, (I just got confirmation this morning) the blogs are correct, Southwest Key shouldn’t be running it because EACPA doesn’t have a management company. I was also able to read the charter application fro EACPA online, what they proposed to TEA and the citizens of Texas is not what they are doing. It is our responsibility as citizens to stand up for our children. How we are going to do this, I don’t know but we need to do something! Thank you again for your post.

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