(Community Matters) ughhh, happened again. I have 3 of the same black linen shirts and all are missing. I know exactly what’s going on. Blanca sometimes hides my stuff. So, today I’m hiding her check among the cleaning supplies – where she’s sure to never look.

Blanca has worked with us for nearly 14 years. She demands paid time off, bonuses, Christmas gifts and to be paid even the weeks when we’re away (which these days are many) – plus she takes off Mondays whenever she feels like it.

She’s great and we drive each other crazy – sorta for entertainment. Scares the heck out of Steven. He stays far away from of our antics – but we lasso him in from time to time.

On Monday, I told him I’d attributed a complaint about her to him. Come to think about it, that might be why this unexpected Wed night/Thurs trip to Baltimore came about. He’s such a chicken.

Hey, don’t judge me as the bad one – she does this too. She routinely reinforces his world vision – telling him things like how when I’m away she has almost no work because he is so clean, neat and orderly.

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