Frank Rich: Ancient Gay History

frankrich130603_claytoncoots_560(Community Matters) Frank Rich on Ancient Gay History. The story he tells of a mentoring friend in his youth, Clayton Coots (pic).

I imagine that if Clayton were still here, he’d find the idea of same-sex marriage as far-fetched and funny as his favorite late-night movies. But, of course, I am speaking of the dashing public Clayton, who was “always Happy and with it.” There’s no way of knowing what the hidden Clayton would think. Like Harold Hill in The Music Manhe might have found his someone and made a home. As the rest of us are swept up in the euphoria of weddings unimaginable only a decade ago, the least we can do is pause for a moment to remember him and all the others who were never given that choice . . . .

Now a dozen states have legalized same-sex marriage, a concept unknown in political discourse a mere quarter-century ago. More astounding is the likelihood that a conservative-leaning Supreme Court will expand those marital rights, however incompletely, next month . . . . As we just learned, a man can still be murdered for being gay a few blocks away from the Stonewall Inn. . . .


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