Silicon Valley Isn’t Buying GOP’s Data Plans

(Community Matters) “‘For all of Karl Rove’s fine attributes, he is also largely a direct mail guy who learned at the foot of Lee Atwater and never really learned anything after Atwater passed,’ RedState’s Erick Erickson wrote earlier this month. ‘I’m just not sure, after the 2012 race, that this is a wise investment. Direct mail guys believe the data is the value, and what Team Obama discovered is that the tools to analyze the data are the value.'” Politico

“The engineers also said Boyce was offering salaries nowhere close to what the Obama campaign paid.” – rather than being frugal, I think this represents the bias of . . . all those others are commodities and we ought to pay them commodity rates – while saving the big bucks for the 2 or 3 guys at the top. Greed might work in established industries and where you aren’t relying on innovation, but it’s not gonna get them where they want to go. 

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