Kudos & Thanks to Superintendent Carstarphen

dyc-carstarphen-01(Community Matters) I’m pleased to see an honest, impartial evaluation of the Superintendent. I’m her fan and have been – and, of course, she can improve some relationships in the community and with staff – can’t we all.

I completely agree much is happening to improve outcome opportunities for students in the districts. Superintendent Carstarphen’s navigated deftly through some of the roughest financial times for the state/district, has attracted extraordinary resources to the district and is demonstrating measurable results on the metrics we prioritize.  Of special note:

The school board also credited Carstarphen for shifting away from a culture of testing to one that focuses on the “whole child,” through art programs, health and wellness initiatives and a comprehensive social emotional learning program that is used on 73 campuses.

I have some badly behaved, even if well-intentioned, friends for whom opposition to Superintendent Carstarphen is personal, in some cases bordering on irrational. Pleased to see that the school board members objectively recognize the progress and good leadership Superintendent Carstarphen brings to the children, families and economy of our district – it’s not insignificant that this includes our newly elected members.

It noted that dropout rates decreased. Other achievements mentioned include: student performance on the state mandated STAAR exams and the National Assessment of Educational Progress, also known as the Nation’s Report Card; reducing the number of students removed from the classroom for disciplinary reasons; increasing staff compensation and expanding health insurance to same-sex couples.

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