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McDonald Observatory re: Fires

(Community Matters) Letter from director David Lambert to Board of Visitors:


McDonald Observatory had a narrow escape this weekend when a fast moving fire began between Marfa and Fort Davis on Saturday afternoon. The Observatory was put on high alert, but is now (Tuesday noon) returning to normal. Continue reading

Sleep No More

(Community Matters) Last night attended Punchdrunk’s Sleep No More. The earlier post about the McKittrick Hotel was about the play – a site specific, very audience interactive piece set in the faux McKittrick Hotel in Chelsea. A take off from McBeth, I’m not sure I can yet put together all the pieces into a McBeth, though I was admittedly handicapped last night since my arts tutors weren’t able to attend (Steven wasn’t able to make this trip & Rob was called away on family business). My surrogate date, Diego Arango was delightful and seemed to enjoy the show as well; he’s a new friend, a Point Foundation Scholar attending Columbia.

Doesn’t matter if you don’t get all the story; what matters is being present for the roving scenes, learning how to follow the lead actors so you eventually see all the important scenes – which are spread out among 5 floors in a 100,000 sq ft warehouse retrofitted as a haunted hotel. I’m eager to see this again and have just written our friend in London who’s Punchdrunk’s producer and artistic director to learn if it’ll be extended.  They are one of our favorite London theatre companies and we try to see all their work; I think we have all but one.

Urban Daddy review

Latest on Marfa Fires

(Community Matters) pulling from MPR site: ELECTRICAL POWER: More than 300 residents & businesses are still without power. According to AEP, restoration of service is anticipated to be 90 percent by midnight on Wednesday.TRAIN DERAILMENT: Last night’s train derailment at Valentine, involving two rail cars carrying automobiles, has been cleared up. The Amtrak, though, stopped in Marfa, blocking traffic temporarily on Highland Avenue, because a passenger required medical attention. RELIEF EFFORTS: The emphasis is on monetary donations to the funds listed elsewhere on this page. Fort Davis residents with specific needs can call their County Judge at 432-426-3968.

(photo: Crystal Chavez via KUT News)