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NPR: Rural Texas Station Critical Resource During Recent Wildfire

(Community Matters) Great NPR story on our West Texas radio station that can

Today Show: Darren Criss and The Warblers

(Community Matters)

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Gay Rights at Christian Colleges

(Community Matters) NYTimes: Even on Religious Campuses, Students Fight for Gay Identity – “It’s like an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object,” said Adam R. Short, a Baylor freshman engineering student fighting for campus recognition of a club to discuss sexuality and fight homophobia.

West Texas Fires

(Community Matters) Hard to describe – started at one small stone house (thus the Stone House Fire) across the highway on the far west side of Marfa. Immediately spread across the street, at times the fire swept to the north so quickly our friend Paul (a volunteer firefighter) says their truck couldn’t keep up. Some cedar posts evaporated, cattle, coyotes, mountain sheep and other animals were burnt alive (if lucky, the others are being shot by compassionate men & women), up through the prairies along highway 17, at the end of the Marfa runway, spread across the highway, both sides of 17 – lunar surfaces today. The fire swept up houses on its way to Ft. Davis, and another 25 houses in Ft. Davis. Back along southern and western edges of Ft. Davis State Park, didn’t hit McDonald Observatory (yet. . .hopefully never . . . even today only 65% contained). Up through Wild Rose Path, the granite lined path from Ft. Davis to Balhmoreah. All the way up to the Boy Scout Camp – I read yesterday it was still just south of the camp – they now estimate 165,000 acres, 65% contained.  It takes over an hour to travel its distance by car