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Marfa Public Radio

(Community Matters) Just out of a Marfa Public Radio board meeting – exciting things happening at the KTRS 90.5 public radio station. Soon we’ll announce a fantastic fundraiser (major headliner playing in Alpine) we think on Oct 22. We expect to close on the acquisition of the Odessa public radio station this summer (proceeding as planned). Many thanks to Joe Duran who served as our board president and to John Jennings who’s our new president. The staff is beyond outstanding; they (Tom Michael, Rachel Osier Lindley, Anne Adkins & our many volunteers) received special acknowledgment for the heroic work during the Marfa/Ft. Davis/Alpine fires.

btw, MPR is the presenting sponsor of the Fusebox Festival Late Night at Seaholm

Alan & Andy

(Community Matters) Celebrating 50 years – Toronto Star article

Hat Tip: Andrew Tobias

Life Slows Down in Marfa

(Community Matters) Steven and I mostly chilled & caught up in each others’ lives yesterday – plus he mostly writing the monologue he’s performing at the People’s Community Clinic benefit on April 25; me mostly finalizing details of an April 23 event. Both of us standing by, seeking updates on Steven’s uncle Larry who’s in the hospital; it’s not looking good; our trip likely to be cut short.

Dinner last night with dear friends from New York and Marfa. The hosts, our friends Suzanne Tick & Terry Mowers live in Manhattan. Continue reading

The Real World’s Dustin Zito

(Community Matters) I don’t even know the MTV show, The Real World but evidently one of its stars was bashing the idea of bringing on a gay roommate. Turns out the basher (Dustin Zito) was/is a gay for pay porn star – they always are aren’t they?

Pic from one of his movies as Fratman/Fratpad star, Spencer

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