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Why Washington is Reluctant To Arm Libya’s Eastern Rebels

(Community Matters) reprinted by permission of Stratfor

Why Washington is Reluctant To Arm Libya’s Eastern Rebels

NATO Supreme Allied Commander in Europe U.S. Adm. James Stavridis answered questions on the Libyan intervention before the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday, echoing the refrain voiced in Western capitals of knowing little about the exact nature of the eastern opposition. Though Stavridis labeled the rebel leadership as “responsible men and women” fighting Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, he added that there have been “flickers” of intelligence indicating that elements of al Qaeda and Hezbollah exist among the eastern opposition’s ranks. The question of arming the eastern rebels now, when U.S. military officials have gone on record before Congress with such suspicions of Hezbollah and al Qaeda links, seems politically unpalatable to say the least. Indeed, Stavridis’ testimony came on the same day that U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and U.S. President Barack Obama demurred on the notion that Washington is on the verge of sending weapons to Benghazi.

Of the three countries most committed to seeing Gadhafi removed from power – the United States, France and the United Kingdom – none have yet to come up with a clear strategy on how to they intend to see this through. All have been steadfast in the refusal to consider sending ground troops to combat Gadhafi’s forces. Continue reading

Chiropractor Vb

(Community Matters) I asked my chiropractor to further explain why to keep up treatments. He replied and said it would be okay to out him – Dr. Rob Hausman

The reason that “maintenance” visits are important following a treatment plan is to continue to ensure that your musculoskeletal system and your nervous system maintain their optimum range of motion and functioning and that any potential problems can be addressed before they become symptomatic.


Twin Baby Boys Have a Conversation – part 2

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Chiropractor V

(Community Matters) I had another appointment – today just with the doctor. Well, okay, also with this spectacular machine on which I lay and which used very firm rollers all over my back and glutes. Good gosh, I wanna buy one of these. I bet there’s a setting to make it an even deeper massage. Afterwards, the doc did several adjustments. Like last week, says the muscles have really loosened up. I’m not having anymore back pain but I want to try working through his recommendations of retraining (my words not his) the musculature. I’ll ask the doc to give me better language to explain why I should continue treatment – in fact, I know he reads this . . . so . . . if you don’t mind. Thx

Conference on Corporate Citizenship

(Community Matters) The Entrepreneurs Foundation’s Conference on Corporate Citizenship happening on Thursday – companies sharing best practices; speakers including Seventh Generation’s Chris Miller, Business Earth’s Kurt Wilkin, Chris Jarvis from Realized Worth, Ken Gladish (Seton Foundations) and many more.

Corporate sponsors: National Instruments, Delloitte, AMD

Registration (only for profit corporate registrants please) and additional information at

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Prada Marfa

(Community Matters) Vandals Target Quirky Artsy West Texas Prada Marfa

Art Erotica

(Community Matters) Last night’s fundraiser at Seaholm Power Project. Congratulations to Tim Young, Scott Ballew and the entire committee which produced such a super Octopus Club event

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some photos: Isaac B. Sanchez

big night there with Robert Torian and Michael Mitchell. We saw lots and lots of friends including Lew Aldridge, Jim Lommori, Grayden Parrish, Devin Ellis, Steve Davis, Gary Cooper, Richard Hartgrave, Bob Rose, Tim Franz, Cameron Lockely, Justin Bundick, Drew Davis, Steve Cramer, David Smith, Stephen Rice, Mark Erwin, Michael O’Malley,

NYTimes on Mortgage Convictions

(Community Matters) I agree, seriously messed up system

Superintendent Carstarphen

(Community Matters) AAS guest editorial: Why exit incentives are not the best use of tax dollars

Emory Thompson 1931 – 2011

(Community Matters) Emory was a great man and community leader. Leaves behind quite a legacy and family. AAS obituary

Greater Austin Chamber on Tx Education Funding

(Community Matters) I support their position and recommendations. Thanks, Drew, Mike & Bobby for your leadership.

The Austin Chamber Board of Directors recommends that the Texas Legislature:

  1. Support successful implementation of college/career-ready expectations
  2. Support maximum K12 operational and personnel flexibility
  3. Support no more than 7% cut in public school funding for any Central Texas school district
  4. Support enhanced local business support for school districts during funding transition

Background: Ideally public education funding would not be cut given its critical importance to our state’s future.

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Ernst & Young Social Entrepreneur of the Year

(Community Matters) Every year in Austin Ernst & Young recognizes a Social Entrepreneur of the Year. The Silverton Foundation underwrites a $100,000 award. The award recognizes that qualities of entrepreneurship such as vision, leadership, passion, and commitment are as valuable to “social” enterprises as to business enterprises.

Fields in which the social entrepreneurs are eligible include the fields of health, education, social services and economic development, not other charitable endeavors including the arts and humanities. Applications due 3/31, however, a st extension is possible. More information here