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Tx Tribune on UT System Governance Changes

(Community Matters) Who’s Behind Proposed Reforms to Texas Higher Ed?

Pres Obama – Summer Intern Organizing

(Community Matters)

In 2011, Organizing for America is launching the Summer Organizer Program that allows participants to get full time, hands-on experience and training in all facets of community organizing (including new media tools and strategies, managing data and targeting, running political events, building neighborhood volunteer teams, etc). OFA is in the midst of an ambitious recruitment effort and will be bringing on a large number of participants with an eye towards training a new generation of organizers for the future.  This effort includes an early launch of the program to make it more competitive with other internship programs, a strategically-focused recruitment effort that leverages online and offline resources (emphasizing development of local talent in their own communities), and a fully developed curriculum for the program.

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