Daily Archives: 03/09/2011


(Community Matters) Yesterday went to a chiropractor for the first time – at the recommendation of my new personal fitness trainer. I’m unfamiliar with chiropractics so I had way many questions. Hope I didn’t come across as too skeptical. I actually liked the doctor.

Xrays revealed my spine is bent a bit to the left, which reconciles with my muscle spasms. When they occur my right leg becomes about 1 – 2 inches shorter. I asked if chicken or egg – whether spine driven or muscle driven, the doctor thinks spine driven and correctable. Best guess is 6 to 9 treatments including pressure point massage. So, I’m going down this path. New for me. Science or art?

hmm, reviewing my bill: $425 for a one-hour appt: $125 new patient exam, $65 adjustment, $55 manual therapy, $50 extra spinal adjustment, $135 xrays. Still mulling over how I think about these expenses. Some seem redundant