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(Community Matters) today’s SXSW keynote

On Christopher Poole’s new venture: He said he’s tried to keep growth of Canvas slow and methodical by limiting it to a small group of users.

He’s more turned on now by discussions about the value of online anonymity (he’s in favor of Internet users being able to have youthful indiscretions without it following them the rest of their lives) and by a growing creative culture online that even big brands are embracing.

“Companies are inviting their customers to submit ideas and be part of their vision,” he said. “That’s something that really wasn’t happening 10 years ago. There’s so much value and energy you can tap into by having people play with your staff, your brand, your products. Nothing is stale. It’s all rich and interactive.”

Reverse Robin Hood

(Community Matters) the most blatant – Michigan: raising $1.7B from the poor & elderly while giving businesses $1.8B in additional tax breaks (on video below at 12:18. The pattern Andy wrote about – see earlier post, Priorities

Cody Burns

(Community Matters) Ft Worth Council Member Joel Burn’s brother, Cody Burns, killed in a car accident yesterday – condolences Joel, JD and the entire family.

Frank Rich Aloha

(Community Matters) “My own idiosyncratic bent as a writer, no doubt a legacy of my years spent in the theater, is to look for a narrative in the many competing dramas unfolding on the national stage.” – Frank Rich