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(Community Matters) copying & pasting Andrew Tobias’ blog posting today, it’s especially thought-provoking:


Jon Stewart, here.


Republican governors have declared it on the poor and middle class.  Watch Rachel Maddow here as she covers Wisconsin, Florida, and Ohio.  Then look what Michigan’s governor is trying to do – here.  The problem in America today (apparently) is that the game is not already sufficiently skewed to the rich and powerful.  These Republican governors aim to fix that. Continue reading

Sadness & The Pain Body

(Community Matters) I’m not a woo woo person at all. In fact, I’m often (though not always) too damn analytical for my own good. Anyhow . . . I’ve gone to a chiropractor twice this week for my back. The second time, he had me do a 45 min massage with a woman who was manipulating the muscles around my spinal cord. I liked her and we were talking. She apologized up front and then told me she thought a lot of what she was feeling was emotional. Now, that almost made me get up from the table, get dressed and go home. I was like  . . . whatever. But, my back hurt too much to get up, I was naked under the sheet, and I didn’t want to be rude, so I asked her to explain what she meant. She said she felt sadness. I thought about this and it didn’t make sense – told her I was among the happiest, luckiest people I know. Oh yeah, I was going to Jan Hughes’ funeral that afternoon. No she said, it’s much deeper than something that just happened. Anyway . . . still didn’t make sense to me – silly woo woo people.

Discussing this Friday morning with Steven he encouraged me not to dismiss what she was saying. He acknowledged he didn’t know of sadness that I haven’t dealt with during the 12 years we’ve been together; nevertheless, he referenced Eckhart Tolle’s The Pain Body and suggested I pay attention.

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Tx Film Hall of Fame 2011

(Community Matters) Suzanne Deal Booth & Jenny Lebermann chaired an outstanding event Thursday night. I enjoyed serving on their committee along with lots of other friends including Larry Connelly, Fairfax Dorn, Deborah Green, Kate Hersch, Jeanne Klein, Diane Land, Chris Mattson, Carla McDonald, Lynn Meredith, Carolyn Pfeiffer, Amy Rudy, Eddie Safady, Julia Smith and Julie Thorton. Shannon Moody led and pulled everything together – I hope for a record breaking year. Continue reading

Japanese Earthquake

(Community Matters) just having time to read what happened in Japan. This is horrific. Earthquake & tsunami what happened & why – the Guardian

The survey said that Friday’s quake was centered off the coast of Honshu, the most populous of the Japanese islands, at a point about 230 miles northeast of Tokyo and a depth of about 15 miles below the earth’s surface

On the rooftop of Chuo Hospital in the city of Iwanuma, doctors and nurses were waving white flags and pink umbrellas, according to TV Asahi. On the floor of the roof, they wrote “Help” in English, and “Food” in Japanese. The reporter, observing the scene from a helicopter, said, “If anyone in the City Hall office is watching, please help them.”

On Friday, NHK television showed images of a huge fire sweeping across Kesennuma, a city of more than 70,000 people in the northeast. Whole blocks appeared to be ablaze.

The tsunami assaulted Hawaii with seven-foot waves, although it caused little damage. Powerful surges that hit the West Coast of the United States caused boats to sink in Santa Cruz Harbor. The Coast Guard reported that one person was swept to sea near McKinleyville, Calif., while trying to take pictures of the waves, and a search had begun.