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Attacked in St. Lucia

(Community Matters) “Michael Baker, the director of an HIV organization in Atlanta, has written about a harrowing attack he and his boyfriend Nick Smith suffered while on vacation in Saint Lucia”

Todd suggested that Nick and I shower off while he checked email and then we would make dinner. Nick and I went into the bathroom, started the shower, chatting about how incredible the day had been. I stepped under the water with Nick as he started to lather his hair.

Then I heard a scream I’ll never forget. “Oh my god, oh my god, no, no no!!! Stay in the bathroom!! OH MY GOD!”
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Franklin BBQ

(Community Matters) email blast from Franklin:

Just wanted to send out a note to let you know this Saturday, March 12th, will be our first day at our new location.

900 E. 11th Street. Our phone number will stay the same. 512-653-1187
We will be open 7 days a week, and for now we will just be open for lunch.
We will have Texas beers on draft, and you can even take growlers of beer to-go.
We will have outdoor picnic tables, indoor seating and plenty of parking.

If you have us on your blog or website, please update our address and information.
Stacy and Aaron Franklin

Ambassador Jon Huntsman

(Community Matters) on former Utah Gov Jon Huntsman (R) who resigned from his second term as Governor to serve as President Obama’s ambassador to China and who recently resigned as ambassador to explore a run for the Republican nomination for president

In today’s Mike Allen Playbook:  John Weaver, planning a presidential campaign-in-waiting for Ambassador Jon Huntsman, e-mails (“speaking only for myself”) after watching White House chief of staff Bill Daley discuss Huntsman on “Meet the Press”: “I’ve observed and read about the Daleys for decades and I never equated political fear with that name. Until today.”

In yesterday’s Playbook: BREAKING — BILL DALEY, the first White House chief of staff to appear on “Meet the Press”On Ambassador Huntsman: ‘His support of the Obama administration, his support of the president, the things he did on behalf of this administration, and THE CLOSENESS IN WHICH HE WORKED WITH THE PRESIDENT is much appreciated. AND I’M SURE WE’LL TALK ABOUT THAT IN THE PRIMARIES.’