Daily Archives: 03/14/2011


(Community Matters) for the second time this month, someone who knows me well introduced me to others as a networker or a connector.

Yikes, this is NOT how I want to be known. And, I have not framed what I do any more competently than to leave this as the only description easily available to close friends.

I’m gonna work on this. It needs to be about helping others accomplish important political and community building objectives, about my past business experience intersecting with social entrepreneurship to help make great things happen.

A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

(Community Matters) For quite a while, I haven’t been too vigorously opposed to school vouchers, understanding the rational of competition, innovation and market validation. However, watching today’s GOP scream about the risk of deficits while simultaneously cutting taxes for the wealthy (I don’t feel wealthy but have enjoyed these cuts) and using the resulting or exacerbated deficits as an excuse to dismantle government services and/or to literally raise taxes on the poor and seniors . . . I’m not about to believe support for vouchers is about anything other than pulling on the string expected to eventually dismantle public education.

Now we’re hearing Boehner and House GOP members raise the scare tactic of Washington DC teachers unions denying students an education.

Grover Norquist wasn’t involved in designing the Bush tax cuts for America’s wealthiest because he had any supply side economic credentials. He helped design the tax cuts so we’d reach unsustainable deficits and have an excuse to shrink government to a size he could drown in a bathtub