Daily Archives: 03/18/2011

Angels in America

(Community Matters) Saw the Signature Theatre’s Angels in America, Part I Millennium Approaches tonight. Of course have seen this several times before but it’s been years.

Reminded me not to become proud in light of those who responded to a crisis as they were dying.

I’d forgotten how heavy this play is. Must be something to the chronology of these random events – back, chiropractor, the body pain & now Angles

Celebrating St Patrick’s Day

(Community Matters)The Obama’s invited Ireland’s Prime Minister and his wife to the celebration only a couple of weeks into his taking office. Prime Minister Enda Kenny delivered eloquent remarks about the trials endured by the Irish – subjugation, famine, current economics – and the deep roots of Irish leadership in our country. President Obama spoke of the ties between our countries’ people. VP Biden warmed up the stage and delighted everyone.

Sonya Cohen Cramer, Lynn Meredith & I attended the White House St. Patty’s Celebration.

Glen Hansaro warmed up the crowd with a few songs before the world leaders came out. A really good looking guy standing next to me broke out in song, then broke out a triangle (sure, who doesn’t travel without one). Glen gave him a shout out and invited him on stage. The good looking stranger turned out to be Tim Shriver.

Others who played around the White House: Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill, the National Chamber Choir of Ireland and the US Air Force Pipe Band. Brian McBride was the guest chef for the evening – yum. Kudos to Jeremy Bernard on his inaugural White House social event – well done.

After, Lynn, Sonya & I joined Dale & Frank Loy for an intimate and exquisite dinner at their Georgetown abode – adore these two (actually these four)

I definitely have some better pics on my camera but forgot the cable to transfer to computer. I’ll update when back home


(Community Matters) Innovation+, a very cool new initiative to help the most promising nonprofits scale. Kudos to Dennis Cavner, Bill Forsberg & Suzi Sosa for launching

Closing Prison School System

(Community Matters) This doesn’t sound very smart. Would want to know the likely impact on recidivism and rehabilitation. I’m not a bible thumper but don’t nearly all faiths promote a charitable and helpful generosity toward convicts? And, sure sounds like the system should be reorganized, that it’s wasteful as currently staffed and administered.