Tx Film Hall of Fame 2011

(Community Matters) Suzanne Deal Booth & Jenny Lebermann chaired an outstanding event Thursday night. I enjoyed serving on their committee along with lots of other friends including Larry Connelly, Fairfax Dorn, Deborah Green, Kate Hersch, Jeanne Klein, Diane Land, Chris Mattson, Carla McDonald, Lynn Meredith, Carolyn Pfeiffer, Amy Rudy, Eddie Safady, Julia Smith and Julie Thorton. Shannon Moody led and pulled everything together – I hope for a record breaking year. Proceeds from the event benefit the educational and artistic programs of the Austin Film Society, a non-profit organization founded in 1985. Still remember 2 or 3 super consulting projects my MBA students worked on with AFS.

Graham Reynolds agreed to donate a private concert for 20 as a live auction item. Shannon paired this with catering from Uchi. It was the highest selling live auction item.

Steven and I split a table with Diane Land & Steve Adler (two of our dearest friends & coconspirators). Also joining our table were Graham, Beth Broderick, Dennis Bailey, Lecia & Adam Sud and John Riede.

Heaps of other friends also at the event including Evan Smith, Suzanne, Marc & Jake Winkelman, Will, Kate & Sarah Meredith, Rob Hagelberg, Armando Zambrano & Bryan Gardner, Hollywood Henderson, Tim Crowley & Emily Keeton, Liz & Kirk Watson, Chris Long, James Armstrong, Chris & Carol Adams and lots more.

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