Chiropractor V

(Community Matters) I had another appointment – today just with the doctor. Well, okay, also with this spectacular machine on which I lay and which used very firm rollers all over my back and glutes. Good gosh, I wanna buy one of these. I bet there’s a setting to make it an even deeper massage. Afterwards, the doc did several adjustments. Like last week, says the muscles have really loosened up. I’m not having anymore back pain but I want to try working through his recommendations of retraining (my words not his) the musculature. I’ll ask the doc to give me better language to explain why I should continue treatment – in fact, I know he reads this . . . so . . . if you don’t mind. Thx

One response to “Chiropractor V

  1. What’s the preventative subscription from the chiropractor’s perspective … Regular exercise, stretching, etc. including a focus on back muscles?

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