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Austin Bakes for Japan

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Evidently the response has been overwhelming – 4 locations for the April 2 back sale – all over Austin. Online and in-person proceeds from the Austin Bakes for Japan bake sale will support AmeriCares work in Japan.

AmeriCares is rated very highly by Charity Navigator with 99% of what’s raised going to its programs. Their mission: AmeriCares is a nonprofit global health and disaster relief organization whose passion to help is matched by its ability to deliver. In times of epic disaster, daily struggle or civil conflict, AmeriCares restores health and saves lives by delivering donated medicines, medical supplies and humanitarian aid to people in need around the world and across the United States. Since its founding in 1982, AmeriCares has delivered more than $9 billion in aid to 147 countries. AmeriCares is able to maximize the impact of each donation due to its gift-in-kind model and the contributions received from pharmaceutical and medical supply manufacturers, as well as our partnerships with local health care providers around the world. Historically, for every $100 donated, AmeriCares is able to deliver more than $3,500 in humanitarian relief to people in need, including medicines, medical supplies, nutritional supplements and other vital aid.

Flash Mob: Tribute to Japan

(Community Matters) my friend/personal trainer, Cody Butler organized last night’s Flash Mob: Tribute to Japan. 500 individuals performed a 15 min fitness flash mob on the terrace of The Long Center illuminated only by glow bracelets in a choreographed, interactive movements. The performance included a mix of exercise, dance, and yoga led by Austin’s top trainers and yoga instructors. The people were positioned so as to honor the Japanese flag and end with the sun rising. Congrats to Cody, Marshall Priest and the entire H.E.A.T Bootcamp & Personal Training team

Franklin BBQ Brisket – How To

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Six D, Female US Senators

(Community Matters) Outstanding reception and luncheon with Senators Gillibrand, Stabenow, McCaskill and Klobuchar yesterday – wow.  VIP reception at Tommie & Lynn Meredith’s Four Seasons penthouse, then luncheon with 100+ guests at Shoreline. Steven and I were honored to co-host with Merediths, Melanie & Ben Barnes, Aimee  Boone, Kent Caperton, Beverly Reeves, Alexa Wesner & Wyeth Wiedeman.

Sat next to Sen Gillibrand at the luncheon – discussing mostly her race, raise, LGBT equality issues. Our mutual friend Charles Myers raised over $1mm for her recent Senate race. Since that was to win an unexpired term, she’s up again in 2012. Of course I’m gonna help – she’s an extraordinary friend to the LGBT community and I believe likely to be the first female US president – she should be. I’ve gotten to know Sen McCaskill during her previous visits to Austin and a few email exchanges since. It was great to see her in fighting spirit to win reelection.  She’s also a fierce promoter of LGBT equality.

All of them spoke from the podium and all were inspiring. It’s obvious they are our front line of defense in the US Congress on many issues – especially women’s rights and reproductive services . . .but also among most important defenders of family services, LGBT equality and education. Just as a company is better capable of serving its clients and expanding its markets because of its diversity, our government is better when diverse and inclusive of female leadership. All of these women are targeted by the extreme right since they stand in the way of Senate passage of Planned Parenthood defunding and the roll back of many women’s & families’ rights.

Beth Broderick joined me. Tons of friends in attendance. Sen Feinstein’s schedule changed a couple of weeks ago and yesterday Sen Cantwell missed because of the flu

New Downtown Hotel Project

(Community Matters) I don’t have any direct objections to this new hotel project, just a reminder to council to not rely on promises from Mike McHone – years and years of history of his violating ordinances and ignoring objections of neighbors

Chiropractor IV

(Community Matters) I was back at the chiropractor’s office on Monday. While my back is now feeling fine – only barely noticed it while on the longest NYC subway rides – I’m interested in whether or not adjustments will prevent reoccurrence. Of course, I think pilates is responsible for only one episode of back spasms in 2010 (and that one on new years day) but the science interests me.

Clarifying charges and billing. Evidently, most insurance companies only pay 25% to 30% of billed charges. In fact, mine isn’t paying any until I meet my deductible, so my $50 and $60 co-pays (sans charges for the massages) are the only reimbursements for visits to date.

Pics from Last Week

(Community Matters) a few of my favorite pics from last week

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Memorial to LGBT People Dedicated by Barcelona Mayor

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Let Meria Carstarphen Lead AISD

(Community Matters) Excellent op-ed by my friends Carmel Borders (Tapestry Foundation) , Jessica D’Arcy (Webber Foundation), Bent Hasty (mindPoP), Mary Ellen Pietruszynski (Sooch Foundation) & Ellen Ray (Still Water Foundation)


(Community Matters) way cool

Angels in America

(Community Matters) Saw the Signature Theatre’s Angels in America, Part I Millennium Approaches tonight. Of course have seen this several times before but it’s been years.

Reminded me not to become proud in light of those who responded to a crisis as they were dying.

I’d forgotten how heavy this play is. Must be something to the chronology of these random events – back, chiropractor, the body pain & now Angles

Celebrating St Patrick’s Day

(Community Matters)The Obama’s invited Ireland’s Prime Minister and his wife to the celebration only a couple of weeks into his taking office. Prime Minister Enda Kenny delivered eloquent remarks about the trials endured by the Irish – subjugation, famine, current economics – and the deep roots of Irish leadership in our country. President Obama spoke of the ties between our countries’ people. VP Biden warmed up the stage and delighted everyone.

Sonya Cohen Cramer, Lynn Meredith & I attended the White House St. Patty’s Celebration.

Glen Hansaro warmed up the crowd with a few songs before the world leaders came out. A really good looking guy standing next to me broke out in song, then broke out a triangle (sure, who doesn’t travel without one). Glen gave him a shout out and invited him on stage. The good looking stranger turned out to be Tim Shriver.

Others who played around the White House: Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill, the National Chamber Choir of Ireland and the US Air Force Pipe Band. Brian McBride was the guest chef for the evening – yum. Kudos to Jeremy Bernard on his inaugural White House social event – well done.

After, Lynn, Sonya & I joined Dale & Frank Loy for an intimate and exquisite dinner at their Georgetown abode – adore these two (actually these four)

I definitely have some better pics on my camera but forgot the cable to transfer to computer. I’ll update when back home