Six D, Female US Senators

(Community Matters) Outstanding reception and luncheon with Senators Gillibrand, Stabenow, McCaskill and Klobuchar yesterday – wow.  VIP reception at Tommie & Lynn Meredith’s Four Seasons penthouse, then luncheon with 100+ guests at Shoreline. Steven and I were honored to co-host with Merediths, Melanie & Ben Barnes, Aimee  Boone, Kent Caperton, Beverly Reeves, Alexa Wesner & Wyeth Wiedeman.

Sat next to Sen Gillibrand at the luncheon – discussing mostly her race, raise, LGBT equality issues. Our mutual friend Charles Myers raised over $1mm for her recent Senate race. Since that was to win an unexpired term, she’s up again in 2012. Of course I’m gonna help – she’s an extraordinary friend to the LGBT community and I believe likely to be the first female US president – she should be. I’ve gotten to know Sen McCaskill during her previous visits to Austin and a few email exchanges since. It was great to see her in fighting spirit to win reelection.  She’s also a fierce promoter of LGBT equality.

All of them spoke from the podium and all were inspiring. It’s obvious they are our front line of defense in the US Congress on many issues – especially women’s rights and reproductive services . . .but also among most important defenders of family services, LGBT equality and education. Just as a company is better capable of serving its clients and expanding its markets because of its diversity, our government is better when diverse and inclusive of female leadership. All of these women are targeted by the extreme right since they stand in the way of Senate passage of Planned Parenthood defunding and the roll back of many women’s & families’ rights.

Beth Broderick joined me. Tons of friends in attendance. Sen Feinstein’s schedule changed a couple of weeks ago and yesterday Sen Cantwell missed because of the flu

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