Daily Archives: 04/18/2011

Uncle Larry

(Community Matters) Our Uncle Larry Tomlinson passed away on Saturday. He was a very strong man who maintained independence, optimism and playfulness in the face of challenges most of us don’t have to wrestle. I even enjoyed our political jostling since he could play right of Limbaugh.

Larry Tomlinson (right) at Thanksgiving (our cousin David on the left)

Chag Sameach

(Community Matters)

Happy Passover my friends

launching my first cup of wine

Standard & Poor’s US rating

(Community Matters) S&P issuing downgrade assessment b/c of doubts US lawmakers can get it together. Better late than never (a credible Standards & Poor’s rating assessment). Our revenue & spending models are broken – both need to be fixed. Total bullshit to just look at one and not the other.