Daily Archives: 04/27/2011

Springdale Farms, Digestible Feats, Sonya Cote

(Community Matters) Last night’s dinner outdoors, under the stars: Sonya Cote’s (Eastside Showroom) cooking (all from the farm, except for Sebastien Bonneu’s wild pigs) exploded dormant taste buds; Buzz Moran & the Butcher Bear titillated the mind with sound; Paula Angerstein (Paula’s Texas Spirits) provided libations – a sublime evening. And, I got to hang with Shawn Sides, Anna Jackson, Sam Webber, Katherine Catmull, Wayne Allen Brenner & Katherine Kiger as well as Graham, Ron & Hank for an evening – an extra special treat.

I’d love to attend this afternoon’s Martini Digestible Feats at Congress Bar – alas, I better catch up on work and have a drink free evening.