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KUT Rules

(Community Matters) Not only is KUT the no. 1 station in Austin according to the ratings (which has got to be unprecedented in a major media market don’t you think?) but today was announced they’ve won 6 prestigious Edward R. Murrow Awards. Kudos to our friends Stewart, Jon and all the troops at Austin’s NPR affiliate.

Hat Tip: Lynn Meredith

FINO & Graham Reynolds – Digestible Feats

(Community Matters) Eat, Drink, Listen (a Fusebox Festival forum)

Monday, April 25 at 9:00pm
$75 General Admission, $95 Donor Level, 30 seats available

Join us at FINO as Graham Reynolds (composer/musician), Josh Loving (bartender), and Jason Donoho (chef) present three courses of music, cocktail, and tapas pairings, all specially composed out of this unique collaboration. There are only 30 seats available to this one-night-only event. Vegetarians and vegans are especially welcome at this event.  Composer and pianist Graham Reynolds will be joined by bass player Utah Hamrick and drummer Jeremy Bruch. tickets here

Jérôme Bel, tEEth & Blue Crains

(Community Matters) FUSEBOX FESTIVAL on Thursday – Cedric Andrieux in Jérôme Bel takes the audience into the dance world’s inter sanctum, revealing the mixed motivations of a dancer, the tedium of practicing every day for 7 years as a member of Merce Cunningham’s company, the exhilaration of life after Merce when he’s free to enjoy the movement of his body without challenging it every step.  While he was demonstrating the every day exercises of Merce dancers, you could see and feel his strength, observe precision.

tEEth’s  performance of Home Made was arresting, intimate & shocking – their integration of media an engaging puzzle. The juxtaposition of their bodies on stage and under cover on camera contrasting perspectives of body from an up-close, raw literalness where you see every pore, leg hair, underarm to the  on-stage archetype bodies of dancers

Blue Crains performed late at the Marfa Public Radio Seaholm Late Night. They’re an interesting band, played a type of music with which I’m not familiar – the improv of jazz with an northwest coast indie sound. I enjoyed it.

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