Daily Archives: 08/04/2011

Rudolf Brazda

(Community Matters) Rudolf Brazda, the last known survivor of the ‘Pink Triangles’, deported by the Nazis for homosexuality, has died at the age of 98, AFP Reports. (hat tip: Towleroad)

In 1937, he was sentenced to six months in prison for “debauchery of men”, then deported to Czechoslovakia. There, after the annexation of the Sudetenland by Hitler, he was again tried and convicted for similar facts, this time to 14 months in prison.This time served, Rudolf, considered a repeat offender, was interned in the concentration camp of Buchenwald in central Germany. He survived 32 months of hell in this camp, thanks to his friendship with a kapo communist and “a little luckier than others.”

The drama of the “pink triangles” remained unknown until, in the 1980s, a play, books and movies are starting to raise the issue. When, in May 2008, Germany formally inaugurated in the heart of Berlin, a monument to their memory, the organizers explain that this tragedy not count any witnesses alive.

Rick Perry’s Texas Miracle – NOT

(Community Matters) in the Huffington Post. Glad to see folks are starting to poke around. In Texas . . . where good paying jobs have been replaced by minimum wage, most new jobs are low-paying service sector (oil & gas industry notwithstanding), our high school drop out rate is the highest in the country, we have the highest uninsured rate among states, and Tx state & municipal debt is growing faster than national debt – doesn’t signal a miracle as much as a sell out.

Add reports businessmen have to make contributions to Perry’s campaign, the state party, the Governors Association or even buy copies of his book to win appointments or do business with the state . . .  I’m looking forward to the deep dive examination of our governance.