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The Unraveling of the Rick Perry’s Economic Miracle

(Community Matters) The Unraveling of the Texas Economic Miracle

from AAS postings:

• And now for Gov. Rick Perry’s presidential campaign. Perry has had some very strong poll numbers this week, but to the degree that he had a honeymoon period immediately after his announcement, it’s starting to end. The national media is finding some new anxieties about a Perry candidacy within the Republican Party, as well as picking up on stuff that has long been reported here in Texas.

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North Truro

(Community Matters) The picture on the far right of Community Matters’ banner is what we affectionately call the North Truro Beach Club. It’s the summer home of my friends artist Hal McIntosh & Eric Varity. I’ll be spending my next few days on their private beach (they set up umbrellas and chairs for guests each morning) with my hosts Barbara Woghlemuth & Carrie Stapleton. I’ve got plenty to read and am adding to my Kindle: French Lessons and A Ticket to the Circus. I intend to go into Provincetown and maybe see some of my friends there from elsewhere – Cody & Lance, Alisa & Lynn, Becky, Chris, Paul and others – but then again, the beach, lobster dinners, good books and friends I only see here . . .

European Bankruptcy

(Community Matters) ugh, on Monday I told two friends I thought the presidential election could be decided by whether Europe goes bankrupt before or after Nov 6, 2012. I was sure hoping for after . . .

The Yen as a safe haven currency? I hadn’t realized Japan is the #1 creditor nation – China is second. Then, Germany, then Saudi Arabia, then Switzerland. Two, three & four aren’t options. Rise in value of Yen and Swiss Franc comes with its own problems for their countries’ exports.  Gold up to $1,867, a 30% increase since beginning of July?

Philip & Katy Leakey

(Community Matters) “He is the third son of the famed paleoanthropologists Louis and Mary Leakey. Parts of his childhood were organized around expeditions to places like Olduvai Gorge where Louis and most especially Mary searched for bones, footprints and artifacts of early man. At 16, he decided to drop out and made a deal with his parents. He would fend for himself if they would hire a tutor to teach him Swahili. Kenya has 42 native tribes, and over the next years Phillip moved in with several. He started a series of small businesses — mining, safari, fertilizer manufacturing and so on. As one Kenyan told me, it’s quicker to list the jobs he didn’t hold than the ones he did.

Katy — an artist who baby-sat for Jane Goodall and led a cultural expedition up the Amazon —

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