Daily Archives: 08/05/2011

Doggett in SAT Plaza Armas

(Community Matters) Doggett dogged by perceived snub of gay judge (if you can’t link, copied at bottom)

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What Jesus Has to Say About Perry’s Prayer Rally

(Community Matters) My long time friend Rev Jim Rigby hits a homerun with this editorial in the AAS.

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It’s About Jobs, Stupid

(Community Matters) Pivots notwithstanding, Pres O and Paul Krugman agree it is way past time to prioritize creating jobs. Voters will decide if this has  been appropriately prioritized by elected officials. Certainly the 82% disapproval rating for Congress signals that we’re all (my friend Prof Michael Brandl says the other 18% are all bankers & mnc execs) disgusted by their partisan antics. I believe Pres O’s administration has attempted to prioritize job creation and economic solvency but has been thwarted at nearly every turn by politicians playing to their radical base. And, voters expect results.

Krugman: The point is that it’s now time — long past time — to get serious about the real crisis the economy faces. The Fed needs to stop making excuses, while the president needs to come up with real job-creation proposals. And if Republicans block those proposals, he needs to make a Harry Truman-style campaign against the do-nothing G.O.P.