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Breaking Bread

(Community Matters) Breaking bread – Barbara and Carrie are the consummate hostesses. Last night was six of us.

Hal McIntosh, Brian O’Neill, Eric Varity, Barbara Woghemulth, Carrie Stapelton

Good gosh some great stories told before and after dinner – I’d not be invited back if I told most.

Hal McIntosh

(Community Matters) I’ve written about Hal McIntosh before. Besides Barbara & Carrie, he and his partner, Eric Varity, have become my two best friends on the Cape.

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Kay Longcope by Anne Packard

(Community Matters) Our friend and Provincetowns’s celebrated contemporary artist, Anne Packard, painted this picture of one of my dearest late friends, Kay Longcope (Barbara Woghlemuth’s partner).

for those who know Anne’s work, it’s very nontraditional. Last year while I was here, she said she hadn’t finished it because she hadn’t completed the face. She had finished, she just didn’t realize. It’s exquisite, hauntingly beautiful – very much in the style of her grandfather, Max Bohm.

Decision Fatigue

(Community Matters) Very important article in today’s NYTimes magazine about decision fatigue and ego depletion.

I’d like to know if computer & auto purchase configuration programs are designed to take advantage of this phenomenon and if so, do we consider this ethical.

Note: sugar restoring will power, artificial sweetner not doing so. During ego depletion, our brains respond more favorably to immediate rewards and less to long term prospects. Glucose helps restore ego depletion.

hmm, reinforces my simple sugars (fresh fruits) allowance during dieting – as well as importance of naps.

The Nurse

(Community Matters) I tell myself that.  Do you think it’s true?  Do we revisit these traumas with perspective and somehow make peace with them?  Or do we just scar on top of scar?  If so, I’m just giving kids one more thing to carry.  Something else they may never learn to let go.

– Steven Tomlinson

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The Frees and Tomlinsons to be

(Community Matters) Sorry to have missed JoLynn & Greg Free’s dinner for Sandi Aitken and Bob Tomlinson last night. Glad Steven was there representing us.

Uncle Bob and aunt-to-be Sandi depart for Bhutan soon and will be married at the Tiger’s Nest Monastery

Lingering Bigotry

(Community Matters) During conversations the last two days, I’ve been dumbfounded by these stories of violence & racial discrimination:

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