Daily Archives: 08/09/2011

An Insider – Not Likely

(Community Matters) I’d say the “insiders” aren’t likely inside if they are talking like this

Maryland Gov Stands Up to Archbishop

(Community Matters) Gotta love Maryland Gov O’Malley – thanks for standing up for separation of church & state. Churches can decide their own positions but this should not impact the public debate about equality of all Americans. Towleroad story:┬áMaryland Governor O’Malley Resisted Pressure from Baltimore Archbishop to Reject Marriage Equality

Hypocrisy Has No Limits

(Community Matters) GOP presidential hopefuls now criticizing President Obama for the S&P downgrade*.

I’m pretty sure Bachmann’s, Pawlenty’s, Ginrich’s & Romney’s overt support against compromise caused the downgrade. We would have had a $4 trillion deficit reduction otherwise

*I chose not to debate the downgrade. If there is a silver lining, it promotes substantive conversation about our long term finances & whether or not American exclusivity still exists

Haiti: Students of the World Gala

(Community Matters) Dr. Paul Farmer (founder of Partners in Health) will be in Austin on Saturday at the home of Roy and Mary Spence for the Students of the World Gala. Students’ founder, Courtney Spence is announcing the launch of a partnership between the creative communities of Austin and Jacamel, Haiti.