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Muy Caliente

(Community Matters) reposting from 2/2/2012: Glee: ‘Sexy and I Know It’

South Shore Lady Bird Lake Development

(Community Matters) What if Austinites asked, what would be in the best interest of Austin 25, 50 and 100 years from now, instead of how will this affect me? What if we acted like the families who donated Barton Springs, Zilker Park, Butler Park and the Brackenridge tract? – generosity that helped make Austin what it is today

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What Threatens Democracy

(Community Matters) Since resigning from President Obama’s campaign at the end of the year in order to take on the Pres/CEO role of MPR & KXWT, I’ve gained clarity about the real threat to our democracy – the fact that we are driven to only recognize what divides us, rather than what can unite us. Our failure to even acknowledge common values & principles but instead to vilify those who might interpret values differently, then to lash out in ways and with threats that none of us should tolerate . . . . these are the real threats to democracy in America. Photo:  Terry Jones, Quran-Burning Pastor, Hangs Barack Obama Effigy Outside Florida Church