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Tide Has Turned

(Community Matters) another sign the tide has turned in quest for LGBT equality, corporations being asked to take a neutral position rather than stand against. And, I do believe our immediate legislative progress and public safety is politically tenuous

Sheldon Adelson, an 8000% ROI

(Community Matters) The potential ROI to billionaires for their political contributions for less regulation, less taxes, more privatization is a serious dollar-on-dollar ROI. I don’t mean to dismiss the true philosophical differences between citizens voting for different parties, nor suggest that there isn’t self interest behind the vast majority of identities.

Mr Adelson often publicly states that his number one consideration is support for Israel. In a meeting with a friend who pointed out the current Administration’s track record of support for Israel, he acknowledged an equal concern – repeal of all estate taxes. At an estimated net worth approaching $25 billion, Mr Adelson’s ROI for $100 million in political donations could exceed 8,000%; he could save $8.7 billion.

NYTimes: Juan Crow Laws

(Community Matters) “A bill co-sponsor, State Senator Scott Beason, was frank about his motive: “when their children grow up and get the chance to vote, they vote for Democrats.” Mr Beason, was later caught referring to blacks as “aborigines,”  NYTimes: The Strange Career of Juan Crow

After the Russians, it was the Queers. Not that we’re loved by all now but they are definitely losing their hate campaign against us (this doesn’t mean I dismiss serious, possibly violent setbacks should Republicans sweep Nov elections) and have moved on to immigrants with brown skin (which allows a much smaller subset to extrapolate their need for hate against brown skin people, immigrants or Americans). This is probably exacerbated by the demographic trends forecasting minority majorities and the loss of single culture dominance. As I remind myself, no demographic ever gives up power willingly. I also remind myself there’s usually violence and bloodshed.