Daily Archives: 06/28/2012

Rush on SCOTUS Health Care Decision

(Community Matters)

We have death panels now.  We have massive taxes, tax increases.  We have taxes on our behavior.

there are 16,000 IRS agents newly hired who are going to be enforcing this thing.

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Health Care Reform

(Community Matters)  hard to describe how happy I am about SCOTUS decision. Healthcare reform meant more to me than anything else, even equality in marriage and repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell*. It impacts the lives of so many Americans. The availability of decent health care (not cadillaac) is the mark of an enlightened, civilized society. And, I believe it will increase the commercial competitiveness of American manufacturers and other businesses (which have been subsidizing uninsured health care) and unleash even more innovation (which is sometimes strangled by American’s dependence on existing job health care benefits)

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Sparkling Water

(Community Matters) Comparing our favorite sparkling waters. Why? Just because that’s sorta what we do – with everything!

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