Daily Archives: 06/23/2012

Celebrating Friends

(Community Matters) Celebrated Gary Cooper’s & Richard Hartgrove’s wedding this evening and our dear friend Pat Braithwaite’s retirement from Pfluggerville ISD.

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our friend Jim who took my picture w/ Pat probably thought the blur was only the rum punch 🙂

KXWT Launch

(Community Matters) We celebrated the launch of KXWT in Midland/Odessa this week. Lorraine & Ray Perryman were our gracious hosts (along with Becky & Doug Ferguson) – for me & Steven and Anne Wynne overnight too, way fun

A Bit More on The Righteous Mind

(Community Matters) Even before reading The Righteous Mind, Steven and I have been discussing the changes I’m undergoing as a result of reaching out and collaborating with another tribe (ie, increasingly spending time in Midland/Odessa among many conservative Republicans) – listening better, focusing on what unites us rather than what separates us, promoting facts and civil discourse rather than defensiveness, aggressiveness and spin. I should have done an MRI pre and post engagement. I’d swear my wiring is rerouting or repairing. I’m thinking differently.

One of my observations as I’m communicating more and more outside my own tribe (ie, a liberal among conservatives) is that we (liberals) might confuse conservatives’ head nods & confirmations of understanding with agreement or misinterpret as a yes.  I suspect liberals are less inclined to nod and acknowledge agreement with what a conservative is saying or means, thus the potential for misunderstanding

Dr. Heidt and his colleagues from YourMorals.org are conducting another study – this one on sanctity – here