Daily Archives: 06/16/2012

Dr. Mike Bandy

(Community Matters) Mike Bandy’s a chiropractor referred to us by our dear friend Bruce Christman. Mike’s office is located at the Austin Oriental Medicine Academy on Anderson Lane. Steven went first and was raving about the help with his shoulder and foot. He very quickly helped me with my back. Can’t imagine there is anyone betterĀ  – extraordinary!

Queen Bee

(Community Matters) Steven and Micah persuaded me our gardens will flourish with the introduction of bees – hmm.

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Stimulating Dinner

(Community Matters) We’ve been trying to have dinner since last together in Montana during August. After two failed attempts, we each managed to keep our schedules and finally gathered last night – Kate Ludeman, Eddie Erlandson, Lynn & Tommie Meredith, Steven and moi. There’s a magic in the conversation and discernment of the six of us at a table – there’s more equal sharing of floor time and generous inquiry for the perspective of each. Kate & Eddie were exquisite hosts at their Lake Austin abode, the former Sharples compound.

pics from last summer in Montana