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San Diego Zoo

(Community Matters) This trip was Eli’s (13yo) & Paulina’s (9yo) Christmas present – they got to pick any city in North America. We learned we travel well together, love roller coasters, Paulina thinks she wants to be a personal trainer for animals, and Eli is a responsible, articulate & fun-to-be-with young man. And, not unlike Brent’s observation about a boot camp, they observed we ask a lot of questions, discuss hard “things” and expect them to remember a lot.

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highly recommend the Inside Tour and Back Stage Pass

More Legoland

(Community Matters)

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InterVino San Cristobal

Hat Tip: Iliana de la Vega

Molly Awards

(Community Matters) Not often I deeply regret missing a charity dinner but definitely this one honoring Mary Margaret Farabee and Paul Krugman as keynote. MM is one of the foundational philanthropic & civic catalysts in Austin as well as one of my earliest mentors,  and Paul Krugman is the world’s most important contemporary economist.

– not to mention for a great cause, the Texas Observer