Senator Rob Portman on Gay Marriage

portman(Community Matters) the Republican US Senator from Ohio has decided to support gay marriage after much contemplation since his son came out.

There’s a lot of controversy about this – surprisingly, on my FB page, the detractors are straight men who disparage his not coming around until it personally affected him and his family.

I don’t want to ever look a convert in the mouth. I applaud his support for equality. And, as I told my friends:  he’ll start hearing prejudice & inequality differently, and makes a better prospective supporter on other progressive principals than most currently in opposition.

I remember my father calling me a few weeks after I came out to him. He asked me if I realized how many gay jokes people tell everyday and what he should do/say. I told him do nothing – don’t laugh, don’t admonish. Of course, that was twenty years ago. Today, one should express their displeasure. It’s unacceptable.

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