new yorker sx(Community Matters) I’ve stayed on the extreme edge this year. But, I have seen lots of friends in for SX and attended a couple of events.

Loving this anonymous New Yorker music critics’ blog.

Have enjoyed hosting: Scott Collier for Interactive, my brother, sister-in-law, sister, niece and nephew (for their spring break), and Will Roman for the main event. So I guess my SX this year has been the visit to Marfa and the company of fun guests – plus the people watching, the vibe, the Spider House concerts that rattle my windows (but that’s ok, it’s SX).

And, I’m looking forward to Steven finally being home. During the last two weeks he’s been away in NYC, Milpitas, San Francisco & Traverse City. Well . . . he did come home for 8 hours last Tuesday. Overnight (last night) he received an email that his flight home today was cancelled and he’s been rescheduled but not until Monday. Seems spring break traffic is daunting. Fortunately, frequent flier status does have some privileges and in the wake of his earlier, unfortunate travel story, he’s rebooked for later tonight. Bummed it’s blown our dinner plans with Scott & Kate Abel but home at last.

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