On the Gatekeepers, More Thoughts

the gatekeepers 2(Community Matters) Really is a provocative movie. Following on my original post, in no particular order: 1) Israel didn’t launch the 1973 attack, Egypt and Syria attacked. Israel won. The West Bank & Gaza were won in the war launched by the Middle East countries. 2) the occupation of 1,000,000 Palestinians is humiliating and unusually cruel, 3) the occupation insidiously corrupts Israel’s moral high ground, 4) there’s a clash of cultures – not just religions but cultures which assign vastly different values on citizens’ lives, 5) religion scares me – the extremists within religions of any faith are the most dangerous people in the world, 6) extremist religious ideology can only be fought with religious ideology – ardent followers will only be persuaded by other ideas within their faith, 7) Americans should think about these matters since we provide over $4.5 billion in foreign aid to Israel & Egypt annually, nearly $165 billion cumulatively.

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