Prop 8 & DOMA to SCOTUS

(Community Matters) I’ve intentionally not been focused on the upcoming oral arguments or the pending SCOTUS decisions. I have faith they will turn out our way – Kennedy wrote the Colorado decision; Roberts doesn’t want the legacy of perpetuating discrimination.

mehlman npr

I know I differ in my feelings toward Ken Mehlman from that of many friends. When he first came out, I reached out, met, became friends; Steven too in a different context. More importantly a handful of national LGBT leaders reached out and encouraged his participation too. He’s become a most important ally in the fight at the Supreme Court. In NPR

ok . . . how will I feel when we win? Finally recognized as an equal citizen. (recognized being operative. I have no insecurities about my equality).

if we lose? Horrible, discriminated against, embarrassed by & for my country, like I should live somewhere else, and probably just energized to fight harder.

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