Austin Technology Council CEO Summit

(Community Matters) kudos to our friends at ATC for a super CEO Summit today – though I wasn’t able to stay long after I briefly presented (left at lunch) since I’ve been sick (hopefully at the tail end of a 24 hour bug).


Lots of good presentations, especially the panel with John Arrow, Brett Hurt and Bob Metcalfe moderated by Mark McClain. And, Mike Maples Jr’s morning keynote. Brian Kelsey (Civic Analytics) presented on tech in Austin’s economy – 21% of the economy and nearly a third of all jobs including a multiplier). Sorry to have missed so many friends this afternoon including Tommie Meredith, John Thornton, Lou Marchetti, Bill Wood, Josh Baer, Mike Maples Sr and Gene Austin – big news that Gene is Bazaarvoice’s new president.

@M2jr spoke about The Power Rule, Exponential Thinking, Assessing an Entrepreneur’s Thought Habits and First Principles Reasoning. I’d forgotten what a brainiac Mike is. John Arrow blew me away with his wisdom; and I think he’s only 24 years old. Brett Hurt is thinking big and transformatively about how Austin gets to the next level. I’m surprised how old school Bob Metcalfe came across. Kudos to Julie Huls & everyone at ATC for pulling this off.

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