Rolling Back Worker Protections

walmart(Community Matters) Seriously, is this a priority for some conservatives? Reading about the US House Bill to allow employees to take comp time (subj to scheduling with employer) in lieu of overtime. You know, for empowered employees, maybe this might work, though I think over time, most employees are becoming less empowered.

I’m really not a corporate basher. I believe the most sustainable form of charity is creating jobs. And, I know that sometimes hard, firm rules are the best way to ensure we operate fairly and aren’t tempted to cut corners.

Less we forget, a dear friend recently wrote the following in her daddy’s obituary:

Daddy began work at the Ford plant before it was unionized.  There was one water fountain for all employees. There were no breaks save a 30 minute lunch which the men ate while standing in line for the water fountain. There were no vacations or health benefits. Men injured on the job so they could not work, who were ill and did not come in, and who tested positive for lead poisoning (they worked with lead and were tested regularly for poisoning) were fired. When the workers began talks with the UAW, Ford Motor Company hired “goons” to beat the men with baseball bats and lead pipes.  Once unionization was negotiated the workers’ first changes were another water fountain, a bathroom, and two 15 minute breaks when they were allowed to sit.

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