The Myth of Gay Affluence

gay affluence(Community Matters) Not a surprise that the myth of gay affluence is not accurate. For decades only affluent gays could afford to be out, to show themselves publicly. Even today, too many women are afraid to come out as they worry about losing parental rights in custody battles.

In the Atlantic: nearly 40 percent of all homeless youth are LGBT

there are 29 states where employers are legally allowed to fire someone for their sexual orientation

In reality, gay Americans face disproportionately greater economic challenges than their straight counterparts. A new report released by UCLA’s Williams Institute found that 29 percent of LGBT adults, approximately 2.4 million people, experienced food insecurity—a time when they did not have enough money to feed themselves or their family—in the past year. In contrast, 16 percent of Americans nationwide reported being food insecure in 2012.

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