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Historical Designation & Tax Breaks

(Community Matters) I agree with today’s AAS editorial and am glad this program is being reevaluated. Its intent is sound and there’s too much potential for abuse.  For instance, it’s increasingly used to prevent homeowners’ demolition plans – and sometimes (thankfully) unscrupulous developers’ plans, though that was not its intent.

We should reassess the ordinance’s original intentions, modify or redefine ambitions, and implement new historical preservation incentives – likely with tax break limitations which appropriately compensate homeowners while protecting municipalities’ tax bases.

City staff, the historical commission and the planning commission should be challenged to recommend new, more fair, best of class practices.  Council members might spend more time balancing their appointees to these bodies, even recruiting broader perspectives, rather than agreeing to appoint/reappoint.

Neighborhood associations also have a responsibility to better manage their involvement and representation. In the North University Neighborhood Association, we have elected new leaders and are reevaluating our practices and bylaws.

Brazos Place

(Community Matters)

checking out the cool roof top penthouse in today’s AAS homes, I learned about the Commodore Perry – who knew it’d been a hotel?  And, I didn’t know Hugo Keuhne had been the architect – he designed our house.

Congr Lloyd Doggett Reelect

(Community Matters) Sunday, Sept 19, fundraiser supporting Congressman Doggett’s reelection campaign – hosted by Diane Land & Steve Adler. Who’s who  host committee – including the Ausleys, Barnes, Aimee Boone, all the Garriotts, Kleins, Hogg-Garza, Amb McLelland, Nelands, the fabo politico women, Senator & Liz, Wellands, Melba & Ted, Calendar Club moguls . . . . an event not to be missed.

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Amy Everhert & Ian Davis

(Community Matters) Mazel Tov