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The President at Constitution Hall

(Community Matters) he’s totally ruling this crowd of 3.5k. Drawing strong distinctions between GOP agenda and that of Dems – GOP has pledged to cut taxes on the wealthiest by $700B at the expense of the middle class. They have pledged to give power back to the special interests.

The Pres came into office wanting to promote bipartisanship. He tried. They’ve obstructed every bit of the way. Even when Pres O has agreed to support their ideas, they’ve refused and pulled back, intent on denying him any successes, even at the country’s expense.

The Pres back at the top of his game, rallying these young people to return to vote. Posted from my blackberry

2010 Elections

(Community Matters) See post immediately below

Nate Silver says: House: 166 solid D seats; 168 solid R seats; 101 seats in play

Real Clear Politics says: House: 190 solid D; 207 solid R; 38 in play

RCL pretty widely acknowledged to have an R bias in its samples.  Nate (538) had the best track record in ’08.

What We’re Hearing Today in DC

(Community Matters) Some notes of what we’re hearing today in DC . . .

The midterm elections – what’s been the narrative?

  • during the summer – Democrats in disarray
  • by Labor Day – Ds in disarray & could be in trouble, but those being  elected in the Republican primaries are nuts
  • last five days – the Ds may have momentum and the Rs may have peaked.  Is there enough time?

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Gay Youth Deaths

(Community Matters)

A 13-yo commits suicide after taunts from peers

Gay Rutgers student commits suicide

Austan Goolsbee on Private Sector & Small Businesses

(Community Matters) I’ve met Prof Austan Goolsbee several times and have been increasingly impressed with his mastery of issues and ability to articulate the situation. It’s a good thing that he’s been elevated to chair of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers. And, the other changes on the economic team aren’t bad either

My Vodpod links don’t appear to be working.  Go to Politico link here for article and videos (I recommend the videos)

Net Neutrality

(Community Matters) Not a surprise the major phone and cable carriers have convinced the GOP to block any net neutrality legislation.  Now it’s up to the FCC to impose – of course respectful and mindful of investment and return but preventing monopolies from manipulating the system. We once imposed expectations for public good on corporations to whom we’d granted utility franchises. These expectations need to be reimposed.